A school rich in history, wealthy in successful students, but humble in facility and operation, Big Jackson has never been ordinary.  It began over 100 years ago and through the years was actually a significant part of the local community school system - our system was Big Jackson, Little Jackson, McDuffy, Riverside, Stone, and Whipple.  In a sense, the community was ahead of its time as part of a community school system.  The system has contracted, expanded, adjusted to emerging community needs, and responded to changing cultural expectations and social mandates in the most orderly and efficient manner possible.

The "fabric" of Big Jackson is strong.  It is woven from family values, community involvement, and staff dedication and teamwork.  The teamwork aspect is probably the single most important factor contributing to Big Jackson's successful survival for its first 100 years.  Everyone does their share - some individuals and families more than others, from time to time - but labor and tasks are ultimately assumed locally to assure school operation and continuation for the benefit of current and future generations.


Students+Parents+Teachers = Quality Education


Who is Big Jackson....

Big Jackson Public School is a primary school district located in rural northern Newaygo County.  Leading the state in educational excellence, Big Jackson students have achieved above average test scores from 1980 to present.  By meeting state requirements, Big Jackson Public School became the first fully accredited school in Newaygo County.


The caring and dedicated staff provide a positive learning environment.  The small class size promotes close monitoring of individual needs.  Community involvement continues to be a mainstay in the every day operation of the school.